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Official Name:  Republic of Malawi

Population:   16.8 million

Land Area:   118,000 square km

Capital:  Lilongwe

Currency:    kwacha (MWK) 100 MWK = 18 cents AUD (Calculated 01 September 2016) Visa card is preferable for credit card.  US notes are accepted but must be issued after 2009

Time:  2 hours ahead of GMT

Language:    Chichewa and English are the official languages

Schooling:  Primary school education is not compulsory but children are entitled to at least five years of free primary schooling

Parliament:  Democratic, multiparty government currently under the leadership of Joyce Banda.  The area was colonized by the British in 1891 but became semi independent in 1953. Full independence was  gained in 1964 and renamed Malawi.

Agriculture:   Tobacco, sugarcane, cotton, tea, corn, potatoes, sorghum, cattle and goats.

Key Industries:   It is one of the least developed counties and the key industries are mainly based on agriculture.

Health Tips:   Malaria and rabies are known in Malawi,  Please check with your doctor or specialist travel clinic for latest advise as it changes regularly.  Tap water in the major cities is generally safe but bottled water is easily accessed.  For up to date advice refer to

Geography & Climate:  Is a landlocked country in the southeast of Africa that was formerly known as Nyasaland.  It is bordered by Zambia to the northwest, Tanzania to the northeast, and Mozambique on the east, south and west.  The climate is hot in the low-lying areas of the south of the country and temperate in the northern highlands.  Between November and April the temperature is warm with rains and thunderstorms.  May to October will generally experience almost no rainfall but wet mists often float  from the highland into the plateaus.


The Great Rift Valley runs through the country from north to south and mountainous ranges surround the valley.  In the east lies the beautiful freshwater Lake Malawi (also called Lake Nyasa) with golden beaches and incredible colourful variety of fish making it great for snorkelling and diving.  Lake Malawi is approximately 700 meters deep in places and is home to many tropical fish farms.  A beautiful place to rest and relax too.

Malawi; The Warm Heart of Africa beautifully reflects the friendly locals of Malawi.  Being relatively untouched and off the beaten track, this destination is full of wonderful surprises! Game viewing in Malawi’s premier wildlife park of Liwonde and Lengwe National Park is exceptional with one of the largest concentrations of Elephants in Africa.  Pods of hippo can be seen on the banks of the Shire river and the bird life is fantastic where you are likely to see African fish eagles displaying their fishing skills. The Zomba plateau offers incredible views, waterfalls, dams filled with trout.  Unspoilt landscapes, Tea plantations, Sugar Plantations, lush towering mountains, fertile valley floors are the hallmarks of the Rift Valley.  And of course water activities and boat cruises on the sparkling waters of enormous Lake Malawi and the Shire River are a must to experience.   An adventure highly recommended for all,  including the older generation as our driving distances are relatively short per day on this safari.

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